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Consumer electronics offer challenges that are unique in high volume consumer categories. With usage measured in years, there is a real need to maintain knowledge and documentation across generations of product iterations. The potential for issues increases along with the number of components. Warranty policies and rules introduce multiple layers to the service experience. And of course no one reads the use instructions… Count on Stafford Communications to offer your consumers a high degree of support across the product lifecycle – from consideration through end of life and again into consideration.

Stafford manages consumer and patient interactions for 200 brands – from startups to global icons.

No Room for Error

There has never been a better time to be a buyer of consumer electronics. Brilliant designers and engineers continually create and improve new products, and a global supply chain continually works to make them available at more affordable prices. New capabilities enabled by software, sensors, connectivity, processing power, and imagination find their way into every new generation of products. But with shorter product cycles come compressed product launches and time to volume, a higher number of variants in market at the same time, and greater business impact of any issues. When combined with new competitors, retail channels undergoing sometimes painful evolution, and changing consumer habits – the consumer electronics business requires predictable excellence across all dimensions.

In this environment quality service is a must. It helps consumers navigate product selection, setup, and usage with excellence. User feedback needs to quickly make its way back through the supply chain to allow corrections and improvements. Issues should be addressed with consumers rather than through product returns and warranty expense. And aftersales support shows up again and again in product reviews – influencing more and more potential future purchase decisions.


Stafford clients consistently score us at 90%+ on Quality and Compliance.

Our Services

Complex products do not always require complex solutions. The Stafford focus on proven approaches to supporting brands and consumers ensures that your operation meets your needs without being overwhelming for you to manage. No matter if you are transitioning the support of an established product line or need help managing growth effectively and efficiently, Stafford has a proven solution:

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Our Expertise

Stafford Communications brings nearly 25 years of experience working with hundreds of brands to every single client and every single contact. Our expertise and capabilities have proven relevant across the industries we serve.

Provide world-class care to every caller with our highly trained agents, who have deep industry experience.

Your consumers reach out by phone, email, text, chat, social media, and more. We can help you ensure that they are heard and supported across all channels.

Remove the language barrier so every caller can receive and understand the same information.

When you work with us, you gain access to the latest call center technologies. You won’t have to acquire or manage your own systems.

Using recorded phone calls and data, we continually review our performance and processes to ensure compliance and improve the quality of customer care.

We provide detailed reports covering key contact center metrics. By analyzing your volumes and our performance, we have the opportunity to improve efficiency by understanding the needs of your consumers.

Feedback from your consumers is an important asset, both as a compliance tool and as a window into the consumer experience. We apply analytics to our clients’ data to help them learn from the voice of the customer.

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