Medical Device Call Center Services

Education is often our primary focus when assisting patients with medical devices. Our knowledgeable agents instruct patients on the use of their medical device, including training patients to download and utilize smartphone apps that accompany many devices. We also answer questions, handle complaints, and help patients and healthcare professionals troubleshoot issues. The end result? Patient compliance, a positive patient journey, and reduced product returns.

Innovation in Patient Care

From implantable devices to Class II consumer diagnostics, the growth in sophistication and breadth of the medical device industry continues to astound. Smartphone-based glucose monitors consumers with pulse ox monitors at home, implanted heart devices that communicate with physicians. These -innovations and others continue to benefit patients. Given aging populations and a universal push to manage costs, manufacturers will continue to be looked to for innovation. However, innovation can also bring complexity, and contact centers are an essential tool to help patients and providers navigate uncertainty.

In addition to contact center services, Stafford provides compliance expertise to some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Our Services

With multiple components, patient replaceable parts or consumables, environmental factors, and design lives of many years – medical devices present unique complexity for patient engagement. The potential for challenges, issues, or questions is dramatically higher than a pill in a blister package.

Experience shows us that different types of devices have different support needs. But the needs of patients are universal – so the services we offer medical device manufacturers often include:

Contact Center Services
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Our Expertise

Stafford Communications brings nearly 25 years of experience working with hundreds of brands to every single client and every single consumer or patient contact. Our leadership has pharmaceutical industry expertise in toxicology, medical devices, and diagnostics. The unique Stafford blend of expertise and capabilities has proven relevant across the industries we serve.

Provide world-class care to every caller with our highly trained agents who have deep industry experience.

Your consumers reach out by phone, email, text, chat, social media, and more. We can help you ensure that they are heard and supported across all channels.

Remove the language barrier so every consumer can receive and understand the same information.

When you work with us, you gain access to the latest call center technologies. You won’t have to acquire or manage your own systems.

Using recorded phone calls and data, we continually review our performance and processes to ensure compliance and improve the quality of customer care.

We provide detailed reports covering key contact center metrics. By analyzing your volumes and our performance, we have the opportunity to improve efficiency by understanding the needs of your consumers.

Feedback from your consumers is an important asset, both as a compliance tool and as a window into the consumer experience. We apply analytics to our clients’ data to help them learn from the voice of the customer.

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