Contact Center Outsourcing Services

Stafford Communications Group offers comprehensive contact center outsourcing services, managing customer care programs for companies of all sizes. We specialize in handling complex customer communications with high-end service.

Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Food, Consumer Packaged Goods, Beauty Care

Inbound/outbound phone, text messaging, email, chat, postal mail and social media

Consumer education, product information, escalations/issues management, adverse events, product quality/claims management, crisis planning, online store support and CRM administration, training and reporting (Wilke Global and Astute).

Fulfillment and sampling, process development and improvement, quality and compliance, leadership development and coaching, representative training, customer service staffing, marketing and collateral development.

College graduates, teachers, communications experts, bi-lingual, dietitians and other professionals.

CRM Applications including Wilke/Astute Global, Zendesk , Salesforce, SAP.

“Our clients look to us for value-added services beyond typical contact center services. We help them develop their programs because they are in a start-up mode, outsourcing for the first time or in a state of growth or change. They look to us for unique solutions to their situations. Our flexibility and expertise has resulted in partnerships that include call center, trade show and marketing services.”

-CJ Stafford, President

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