Healthcare Call Center Services

Stafford Communications provides expert North America-based healthcare call center services. With nearly 25 years of industry experience in OTC, regulated medical devices, prescription drugs, and patient engagement, our team brings deep expertise. Stafford combines the latest technologies and a highly trained organization to provide you with customized services to meet your patients’ needs. We offer everything from complaint handling to product support, to crisis management, to hospital triage, and more, all while delivering both regulatory compliance and a positive patient experience.

In addition to contact center services, Stafford provides compliance expertise to some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

We bring a heritage of process development and adherence from our work with products and services overseen by the FDA and Health Canada. We blend that rigor with a focus on customer trial and loyalty from our experience with mass market consumer goods. Our clients tell us it’s an unbeatable combination that leads to valued partnerships in our work across healthcare industries!

Our clients have chosen to work with Stafford for a variety of reasons. Some determined that operating a contact center was not a core activity for their business or realized that they had challenges handling staff turnover or growing contact volumes. Others needed to improve their operating metrics, patient satisfaction, or regulatory compliance. Nearly all clients were relieved to take advantage of the latest contact center technologies and reporting without expanding the responsibilities of their IT team.

No matter what leads them to choose Stafford, we are privileged to support our healthcare clients in their work improving the lives of their patients.

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